Anonymous said: Hey was just wondering whats it like to have a sissygasm? Also do know anyother great tumblr sites with similar stuff like yours?

I can’t speak for anyone else, since I believe that every person experiences something different while cumming, even if it all looks pretty much the same on the surface. What I can say is that a sissygasm is something that, once it came along naturally, changed me completely.

I didn’t have them at first, to be honest. Either the guy I was with had to stroke me as he fucked me, or I had to jerk off in order to cum. This was before I started dressing, or even coming to terms with the fact that I was a gurl and not gay, so … I wouldn’t go as far as to say that these experiences were not enjoyable, but it all felt forced, and not exactly fulfilling.

Anyway, you asked what it’s like to have one. Well, I can actually feel it build up inside me, and then my mind becomes overwhelmed with the notion that I’m being fucked, that I’m a total bottom bitch, that the guy I’m with won’t take it out unless World War III begins at that moment, and that I love it. I really, really love it. I love cock.

At this point there is really no turning back. I will just start to shake uncontrollably, feel my gurl pussy literally wrapping itself around the cock of the guy who is fucking me, and then I cum really hard. It’s equal parts scary (because I get really anxious when I feel like I don’t have control of, you know, what is happening with my body), and total ecstasy.

I’m still in the process of making a list of Tumblrs similar to mine. So give some time to make a proper list. Another Anon asked me the same thing as well not long ago, but I wasn’t able to come up with something useful.

In the meantime, you can look at the stuff that I have hearted here and check out those Tumblrs.

And when in doubt, just go visit subboigurl. If that doesn’t get you off, nothing will.

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